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Going solo: Carole Spiers Provides a Special Brand of Marketing Support

The shock of quitting a full-time job for the first time and becoming a sole trader definitely leaves you feeling weightless in space.

So in addition to specialist marketing strategies for starting a small business, you need the reassurance of meeting other people in the same position.

These are among the many benefits of attending this year’s edition of the popular Carole Spiers Masterclass ‘Turn Your Passion into Profit’ http://bit.ly/cU3yF2

 This is a packed one-day schedule of ideas for small business marketing  –  everything from getting your launch announced on TV to the style and wording of your business card.

Increasingly this means exploiting the vast new arena called social media networking  –  marketing your business through websites, blogs, LinkedIn & Twitter. Internet marketing is now the principal source of new clients and enquiries. So learn how to excel in this and other important channels of marketing for small business.

 Going solo  –  summary

  • Becoming a sole trader can leave you feeling disoriented
  • You need to meet others in the same position at a Marketing Masterclass
  • Get the benefit of marketing ideas specially geared to small business

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