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Starting a Small Business: Carole Spiers understands the stress of a launch

There’s no stress like it, that four-in-the-morning feeling just after you’ve taken the plunge.

Suddenly you’re having to market your business  –  or not eat!  So you can see why our one-day Bootcamp in small business marketing  –  ‘Turn Your Passion into Profit’ www.turnyourpassionintoprofit.co.uk   –  is crucial for providing the factual advice you want, as well as the general reassurance you need.

In the company of other entrepreneurial players on the brink of a new launch, you’ll learn the amazing truth of just how far you can get on a virtually nil budget.

And you can get this essential marketing support in the form of a packed day of marketing solutions, techniques, tips, questions-and-answers by charismatic speaker Carole Spiers. Publicity, promotions, networking, TV & radio, crucial updates on internet marketing. All the key launch-questions about target markets and how to reach them on a minimal budget. You’ll never hear such immediately usable ideas for marketing.

 Small Business Marketing  –  summary

  • The moment of launching a business is a highly stressful experience
  • You need the backup of a one-day Masterclass in marketing solutions
  • Meet others in the same position  –  share their marketing insights

P.S.  If  you want to uncover the REAL truth behind marekting on a zero budget, then join us at our ultimate one-day marketing bootcamp.  www.turnyourpassionintoprofit.co.uk

Another key insight from Carole Spiers, Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, World Authority on Executive Stress, Motivational Speaker.

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