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How Public Speaking Skills Can Raise Your Game …

Impressing the board… Pitching to clients…  General employee motivation…

Make vital extra impact with the practised skills of the motivational speaker.

You’ve come a long way in business without making any formal study of presentation techniques. So why should you start now?

Because when the recessionary pressure’s on, you face more competition,   both within your organization and beyond it  –  which means you must put across your ideas with extra force and conviction, whether it’s to a couple of key decision-makers or a large conference hall.

This means picking up professional tips from motivational speakers, which are based on well-tested stage techniques like controlling your nerves, freeing-up your body language, and speaking familiar lines as though you’ve just thought of them. You didn’t know you were in show business? You are now.

As past President of the London chapter of the Professional Speakers Association, Carole Spiers is an exceptionally well-qualified conference speaker in her own right, as well as a popular trainer of large or small groups at all levels of business.

But her star product is her One-to-One Presentation Coaching  –  the truly individual service that identifies your own possibilities as a platform artist and optimises them to the full.

There’s no substitute for this personalised input by a world-class expert, whose stage technique is matched by a profound knowledge of the business world, having been MD of her own international consultancy for 25 years.

With her One-to-One service, Carole is free to focus sharply on your own individual strengths and weaknesses, which you may not have known about.

Are you good at exploiting those first few seconds, when a new audience is trying to figure out where you’re coming from? Among other things, do you realize how much difference your choice of clothes can make to this vital first impression?

Do you tend to show fear in front of a large group? Are you aware that they can smell fear, and that it will kill a speech stone dead?

Do you sometimes make simple mistakes like turning to face the Powerpoint screen, or failing to make regular eye-contact with the back rows.

Or might you have an undiscovered skill as Chair of a business meeting or conference? That’s a much sought-after mix of stage presence and tactful diplomacy, and it will add authority and prestige to your image.

These are only a few of the points that Carole can establish about your personal presentation skills that could soon be helping you seriously raise your game as a communicator in business.


Have you heard…? 

…a memorable business presentation that changed your views of a particular topic ?

Tell us about it  –  or anything else you feel about the value of speaking skills at work.

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You can always book Motivational Speaker & Guest-Broadcaster Carole Spiers in person for a high-impact presentation on proven stress management strategies and the human dimension of organisational change. Tel:  +44 (0) 20 8954 1593 or email info@carolespiersgroup.co.uk.